Joe VanDyke, NerdPins

NerdPins is the brainchild of Joe VanDyke, a Florida man living in downtown Los Angeles. Joe has an extensive background in arts and music, having spent all of his 20's playing and touring in punk and hardcore bands, and organizing large group artshows around Fl. NerdPins is not limited to one specific style, but an umbrella that allows Joe to make and pursue anything he feels like creating. All of the pins and products are designed by him, some paying homage to music/movies/art that he is a fanboy of, others being original ideas and images of his own. Joe is also one half of Divided Youth, a brand created with his friend and fellow artist Preston Nettles. Nothing is off limits for NerdPins, whether it be thought provoking and provocative, or simple and amusing.



My name is Cassie and I’m a lifelong Fort Wayne native. About 5 years ago, I acquired my love for gemstones and gemstone jewelry while working with a coworker who was also passionate about it. She taught me so much of what I know. I decided to started a small collection of faceted gems of my own. It was also then that I started tinkering around with the basics of jewelry making and decided that I was going to make jewelry with genuine stones as there is not much of it available for purchase (this was before I really knew about Etsy, etc.)

As far as jewelry, I have come by my love for it naturally as my mother is an avid collector of antique and vintage fine and costume jewelry and my grandmother was an antique dealer specializing in fine jewelry. I fondly remember being a young girl and going through my mother’s jewelry.

A couple of months ago, I met a new friend who turned me on to malas and their purpose. I really fell in love with the concept and their beauty, in general. I decided to teach myself how to make them and it just all took off from there! I’m so excited to be a part of Fae’s Cabinet for my first sales endeavor!!


Julie Green, Wide Eyed Designs

I am Julie Green of Wide Eyed Designs. I work primarily in stained glass art, but occasionally play around with digital design and painting. My work is inspired by forms found in nature, mixed in with a layer of fantasy and cosmic wonder. I studied Studio Art and Art History at Florida State University and I currently live with my husband and cat in Tallahassee, Florida."