Illustrator, designer, and lettering artist from the Midwest constantly in search of inspiration in new people, things, and places. Equal parts passion, diligence and curiosity. Work Hard. Be Nice.


Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor is a 24 year old Fort Wayne local who has devoted her life to the creation and embodiment of art. She derives inspiration from the innate connection between man & the natural world, the metamorphosis of form & spirit, and her passionate drive to protect & preserve Earth. She works in a wide variety of mediums, from leather-working to watercolor painting.



My name's Sarah and I am a bit of a vagabond. Born in PA, I lived in Colorado for the past few years, And recently relocated to Maine. I love the outdoors and you will find a lot of my work is "nature-centric". Art is my truest passion. I often tell people "Art was my first love and it will be my last."

Angela, Corpricapo Design

Angela is owner & creative executive of Corpricapo Design. She enjoys creating one of a kind head pieces for her clients across the country, she has a passion for design, & creates each unique piece from the heart. In her free time, Angela enjoys embarrassing her wonderful kids, cosplaying, everything & anything Halloween, animal rescue & tattoos.


John Gruse

My name is John Gruse, and I've lived and worked in Fort Wayne, Indiana for most of my life. From my various vocations and avocations during that time, I've been professionally trained to paint your house, your car, your portrait, or your nightmares. My artistic style(s) are historically influenced, and I employ them to explore the aspects of human perception that have always been with us. The things that frighten us, mystify us, or give us joy have never changed, and my artwork, hopefully, will awaken some of those feelings in the viewer.


Ben McDaniel

Ben McDaniel (WooptyDo), born in 1992, is a professional independent artist. Graduating with an associates degree in graphic design, I have been doing art my whole life. I've enjoyed experimenting with different mediums over my life including graphite, ink, colored pencils, clay, paints, and digital.


Harpal Sodhi, Sodhipop

Born and raised in Northern Virginia; shaped and evolved in Richmond, VA; and now living, loving, creating and flourishing in Los Angeles, I can truly say I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

I've spent a good part of my late 20s and early 30s dabbling in lots of various creative pursuits. Whether it was macrame, graphic design, Polaroid photography, sewing, lighting design, silk-screening and even event production, I've had the great fortune of having a breadth of experience and I am forever grateful.

All of this has lead me to where I am today and I can truly say I've been drawn to stained glass for some time now. It's something I've noticed from afar for awhile and have been completely mesmerized by. The interplay between light, color, and shapes is what has pulled me in, while the depth, detail and intricacy of the craft is what has gotten me to stay. I'm inherently drawn to color and light so none of this comes as a big surprise.

I've been working with stained glass for over a year and a half now and I am hooked. I have found what I want to do and I am so excited for the ride ahead. Currently my work features necklaces, pendants and various sun-catchers and window panels. As I look to the future and delve into stained glass and kilnform techniques, I can not wait for the concoctions and creations that lie ahead. Won't you join me for the ride?



I've kinda always been a creative kid. I mean, I really enjoy drawing animals but I try to add my own unique twist! The passion probably stemmed from the fact that it was my main interest throughout my childhood. I had loads of stuffed animals and I always drew them and tried my very best to learn as much as I could about the different animals. Frankly, nobody else around me really cared that much, but that never discouraged me from doing what I love. I love taking pictures of animals and drawing them too!


Rhiannon Massaro

Rhiannon Massaro started drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil, and painting in her mid teens. She was discovered in early childhood to be legally blind in both eyes, due to a congenital birth defect. Despite this, she went on to earn a BFA in Fine Art in 2005. A rare neurological condition called Synesthesia allows her to perceive the world differently than others. This, along with meditation and other Shamanic practices inspire her unique art style. She works in a variety of mediums, including acrylic paint, ink, spray paint, pastels, colored pencils, and markers. When not creating art she loves to travel, having been to Europe several times. Music, horror movies, and animals are other things she is passionate about.

Natalie Baker, Nat Baker Art

Art started for me at a young age. The first time I sculpted I knew I would never do anything else. Bonsai was a fondness in my family since the beginning but like many - we didn't have a green thumb for these trees. I then became inspired during 2012 to take my passion for sculpture and bring it together with the traditional art of bonsai. Essentially bringing this peaceful practice of training and growing mini trees to everyone's home. No training, no trimming and no maintenance for everyone! They represent peace, harmony and balance! A little bit of extra love in every home!


Kay R. Sluterbeck

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at the end of the Jurassic Period. Moved to Van Wert, Ohio, at the beginning of her freshman year in high school, thereby destroying her social life. This turned out to be fine, since she is anti-social. Has worked as a peon in the insurance industry, a freelance artist, a rubber stamp designer, a writer for The Wretched Mess News (yes, really), a newspaper reporter, layout person, photographer, and editorial cartoonist, and assistant manager of an art center, as well as numerous small jobs too weird to mention. Has written two books and done covers for several others. Now semi-retired, doing fine art, and still making editorial cartoons for a virtual newspaper. Has four cats, one brother, and no gallbladder. If you read this three times, then spin counterclockwise in a circle saying "hemlock, hemlock, hemlock", you will receive good news via an unusual source.

Jessica Rohr

My art is an extension of my inner self, a medium that allows me to channel the inner workings of my mind into a physical painting. It’s important to me to allow my creativity to forge its own path, to not be bound by rules and labels, and to challenge myself to keep my art growing and evolving.

Each painting is born from a spark of inspiration, and that spark can be triggered by anything. Possibilities lie all around – in nature’s infinite variety of shapes and textures; symbolic or metal images conjured by emotions, music, or dreams; or even a manmade structure succumbing to time’s interminable pull.

Just as the source of inspiration can vary from painting to painting, so too can the meaning behind it. Sometimes the meaning is rooted in whatever inspired the painting – I’ll begin with a concept and build an image around it. Other times it’s the exact opposite – I’ll begin with an image, and the meaning will come later.

With my art, I endeavor to capture all these things, to offer a glimpse into the fantastic, the surreal, and the places that exist beyond the grey curtain of reality.


Susie Powe, Cousin Susie's Felting

Susie Powe, of Cousin Susie's Felting, began working with wool in 2014 creating dreadlocks for belly dancers. As a self-taught felter she learned that not all wools work for dreadlocks that is when she began her quest to learn about felting fibers. Dhe discovered 3D needle felt sculpturing and instantly fell in love with the art form. Being able to create OOAK (One Of A Kind) art dolls and sculptures in amazing colors and textures of animal and plant fibers has been her nirvana.

Susie enjoys teaching needle felting as well as vending at fiber festival around the area, Salomon Farm Fiber Celebration, Fort Wayne, and the Jay County Fiber Festival, Portland IN, Sue, attended a three-day master armature workshop taught by Kiyoshi Mino.

Susie is a member of the Flax and Fleecers Guild, Fort Wayne and International Felt Makers.

Wool is a wonderfully sustainable product that is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. Buying from humane, cruelty-free small USA farms is part of her mission.