Kaylie and Kyle, Two KRLS

We are Kaylie and Kyle, two art students that met studying abroad in Italy with IPFW. We love being creative together and trying new things that give us a challenge. We came up with the name Two KRLS from our names, Kyle Reid and Kaylie Lane Snodgrass. We hope you dig our work!

Denise and Edee, Crafty Shop of Horrors

We are Crafty Shop of Horrors, a mother daughter craft team. We're based in Mineral Ridge, Ohio. We do a variety of crafts- knit, crochet, sewing. We get inspiration from various fandoms as well as through requests from our fans.


Jaimie Roby, Madame's Asylum

Being a whimsy, floaty soul, Jaimie has much lived upon a path of creativity. She grew up mainly in Pennsylvania and settled in Northeast Ohio with her husband Shane of 12 years. Amongst her passion of creativity, soul and spirituality findings, she raises 5 tiny humans in her home in Madison Ohio. Jaimie was always into holidays and when it wasn’t building the families Halloween costumes, molding creepy clay creatures, covering the house in spiderwebs, it was finding the most unique piece to add to the family home. Everything seemed to come down to the art of life. She is a stay at home mother of her 5 children and creates her pieces in her studio attached to the house, when finding a bit of sanity, or in her case insanity, outside of everyday life. Jaimie is focused on developing into higher quality FX skills in molding, sculpting, makeup and masks with related ventures along the way. Welcome to the mind of Madame's Asylum.

Steve Vihtelic of Claude Raymond Design.jpg

Steve Vihtelic,

Fantasy Art Sculpture

Claude Raymond Design was started by Steve Vihtelic in 2013 after he picked up his tools from a long hiatus . Throughout his time on the Orb called Earth he has been a model maker and sculptor.

Through Claude Raymond Design Steve creates life like fantasy creatures pulled from some strange bent place in his mind. Some are inspired by 80’s fantasy games, and others are his take on mythological/historical creatures from our past. You will also find creations that are original concepts that pop into our world as his fingers do what they are told by that bent place in his mind.


Nicky Phenix

Nicky Phenix is a Canadian artist who specializes in bone articulations and skulls. She has been involved in the ethical processing of animals for over 15 years. She is very passionate about the outdoors and finds the most creative people are often considered the weirdest.


Kraig Schwartz, Pyrographic Designs

Born and raised in rural northern Indiana, owner and artist Kraig Schwartz developed a deep appreciation for the natural world. His love for the outdoors led to hobbies of fishing and hunting and a desire to turn his passion into his profession.

Inspired by the variety of artists in his family, Kraig picked up a woodburner in January 2014 and started creating.

Pyrographic Designs was born.

Today, Pyrographic Designs is a full-time business that produces custom pyrographic pieces for clients across the Midwest and shows its wares at farmers markets, festivals and fairs.

From planters to plaques, signs to walking sticks, layered crosses to graveside memorials and furniture to custom home decor, if it's wood, Kraig can burn it.