Akasha Deer

Akasha Deer is a one-woman operation & i moslty work from my home in East State Village, a charming historic community within Fort Wayne. my hobbies include photography, macrame, crochet, & sewing. whenever i can, i like to wander into the woods to take pictures or set a blanket down to create among the trees.

no matter the place, i put my soul into my work.

my hope is that you will get as much enjoyment from my pieces as i do in creating them! i especially strive to create quality affordable items that reflect my deep seated love & respect for nature.

i pay close attention to detail & i'm mindful of where the elements that are included in my pieces come from. the feathers in my smudging wands are cruelty free & ground collected. the tumbled gemstones that i wrap for necklaces are purchased from Catalpa Tree, a family owned metaphysical shop in Grabill.

i purchase the ingredients for my balms from other small business owners, including The Lavender Lane, a lavender farm in Rome City. in crafting balms, cleanliness is my top priority. they're always made in small batches with all natural ingredients.