Joe VanDyke, NerdPins

NerdPins is the brainchild of Joe VanDyke, a Florida man living in downtown Los Angeles. Joe has an extensive background in arts and music, having spent all of his 20's playing and touring in punk and hardcore bands, and organizing large group artshows around Fl. NerdPins is not limited to one specific style, but an umbrella that allows Joe to make and pursue anything he feels like creating. All of the pins and products are designed by him, some paying homage to music/movies/art that he is a fanboy of, others being original ideas and images of his own. Joe is also one half of Divided Youth, a brand created with his friend and fellow artist Preston Nettles. Nothing is off limits for NerdPins, whether it be thought provoking and provocative, or simple and amusing.

Morgan and Edie, Eggzotika

Eggzotika is Morgan and Edie. We upcycle eggshells into colorful mosaic jewelry and more. Morgan creates the mosaics, strings the necklaces, and manages the shop. Edie wires the earrings, provides a loving, creative space for Morgan, and does most of the heavy lifting ;-). Each handmade piece is one of a kind and made with love. 


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