Protection Magic Workshop

March 23 at 5pm | $17 Per Person

Part of a series of workshops exploring the folklore of plants and their magical applications. Protective magic is one of the oldest and broadest categories of magical practice. In this workshop we will discuss the various different types of protection magic, herbs with protective properties and their characteristics. We will explore protective charms, amulets and other protective measures created through the use of plants. Participants will blend their own protective formulas, and create protective talismans.

The cost is $17, contact Fae's Cabinet to reserve your spot, seats are limited.


Dragon Glass Class

April 12 at 6PM | $32 Per Class

Are you ready for the Night King and his Whitewalker army? Join us as we create Dragonglass pendants! Just in time for the last season of Game of Thrones!

Your choice of Dragonglass arrowhead and your choice of colored wire. Supplies will be included. $32 for the class