About This Artist


o   I am Christine Martin.  I am a mother, former teacher, and artist.  I draw/doodle as well as some paper art.

o   I draw to keep sane! When I draw or create something it's like therapy.  It's almost a meditative process of finding the beauty in something as simple as a line or a tree.

o   My background is in teaching.  I taught 6th grade for 10 years.  I have always loved art and creativity and was able to put a lot of that in my classroom. 

o   What I do:   I can put it best in one word- create.  I do a lot of drawing.  I don't usually know ahead of time what I am going to draw, I will just draw a line and see where my brain and my pen take me.  I guess that is the part of the creative process that I find so relaxing, it's the flow of creativity onto the paper, no rules, just draw. 

o   Over time my art has changed just by practice, as with anything the more you practice the better you become.  I have always doodled, even when I was young, but now I am more focused on the patterns and details. 

o   I identify with all things creative.  I know it sounds redundant but it's true.  I identify with zentangle art, mandala art, but also some of the greats like Seurat and Monet. 

o   If I had to list one work that I most enjoy doing it would be drawing simply because of the accessability of tools needed to draw.  Pencil, pen, crayon, even your finger on a steamy window have endless possibilities.

o   My favorite artwork is M.C.Etcher.  His artwork is absolutely amazing!  I love the patterns and the illusions, I never get tired of it.

o   I have had many jobs in the past.  I didn't get my teaching degree until I was thirty so before that I had a variety of job experiences.  I waited tables , was a cook, worked in a grocery store/deli, worked in a factory making frozen pizzas, ice cream shop, pork rind factory, and more!  Needless to say when I got my teaching degree I was very happy!

o   Why art?  Since I am unable to teach due to the multiple schlerosis, art is my outlet.  I can do as little or as much as I can handle each day,  it keeps my mind active and brings on a sense of purpose.  I can not imagine life without art.

o   An artistic outlook on life- I believe is to find the beauty and creative originality of all things.  That sounds like a mouth full but all I am saying is that as an artist I appreciate the beauty and amazing creativity of things a simple as snowflakes or leaves. Have you ever stopped and really looked at the patterns in nature, it's truly mind blowing and beautiful.

o   I am always amazed, humbled, and grateful when people compliment my work.  My most recent memory is when Travis Saw my work at the Apple Festival in Van Wert.  It was only the second show I had done so I was nervous about putting my work on display.  Travis came into my booth and said " this is amazing! I would love to have your work in my store!".  I really couldn't believe it, I think it was the first time I felt like a real artist. Thanks Travis!!!

o   Inspiring song: it depends on the my mood,  I like Johnny Cash, some Christian music, but I also listen to a lot of other genres from classical to hard rock- I like to mix it up.

o   HATE and MEANESS in any form makes me angry.

o   A superpower I would want would be endless energy.  MS sucks my energy like an old refridgerator running on high!!  If I had endless energy I could have so much more fun with my kids, I could create all the art ideas I have in my head,  I could teach again.

o   I love my three beautiful and amazing children!!  They couldn't be better if I had special ordered them!!

o   My dream project would be, painting a zendoodle mural!  That would be fun!

o   I try not to compare my art to others.  I find when I start comparing my art to others it puts me in a dark place of feeling inadequate which then sucks my creativity.  Been there done that.  I could say 'inspired by'  Etcher, Seurat, and Monet.

o   Most inspirational place would be the woods.  Walking among the trees and hearing the birds sing with the breeze blowing against my cheeks!  Love Nature!

o   Best advice was from a art teacher in college, she would always say "life is like that sometimes".  It really made me think about things and realize things that happen in life are just part of the journey, accept it , learn from it and move on.

o   I would like to be remembered as a mother, sister, friend.  I would like to be remembered as someone who could find beauty in the ugliness (like the patterns on a decaying leaf), peace in the chaos (my art), and love and joy in the little things in life.